Leuchtendes Logo auf Rucksack hergestellt mit X-TENSE


paper-thin, strechable light

X-TENSE is a very thin, flexible, luminous film based on EL technology. X-TENSE luminescent films are screen-printed electronics and are characterised by high luminance, long service life and a homogeneous luminous image.

Since standard luminescent films such as our X-ACT flat light are only flexible to a limited extent and can only be used 2-dimensionally, we have developed a new, flexible EL film. A film that can be formed 3-dimensionally: X-TENSE.

X-TENSE stretchable light features high flexibility, is foldable and even washable. Our X-TENSE EL film is patent pending since October 2022.

To illustrate the benefits and functionality of X-TENSE, we have developed several prototypes. Among others, a luminous sneaker with removable battery technology, because recycling is just as important to us as innovative technology.

In 2021, we worked with FIL-Footwear Innovation Lab from Pirmasens, Germany's footwear capital, to develop a sneaker with our X-TENSE foil. Our goal was to integrate the necessary technology for the operation of the X-TENSE luminous foil integrated into the shoe in a place that does not detract from the comfort of the shoe. In addition, the technology consisting of an inverter and a rechargeable battery had to be removable and yet waterproof. No easy undertaking. But we like to be measured by challenges. Even our own.

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  • Automobiltüre

    Car trim

    Microperforated materials backlit without installation space

  • X-TENSE zur Beleuchtung von Firmenlogos


    Actively illuminated surfaces/logos transport image and increase visibility in traffic

  • Typ-2 Stecker und Ladekabel beleuchtet

    Charging Cable

    Charging cable for e-mobility that lights up during the charging process

  • Leuchtende Sneaker


    Luminous surfaces, on stretchable material

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